Waving Flag

This mystery mug was found at a garage sale in Orange County, California by Ted Hassler. He gave it to Ruth Judge, who in turn passed it on to Gary Baker to see if the original owner could be located. It probably belonged to a plank-owner who put the ship in commission in 1960 and made the first WestPac cruise in 1961. It's a one-off, more than likely made in Japan before the Topeka returned to Long Beach.

If it belongs to you, or if you have any information about it please send me an E-Mail at gbaker@usstopekaclg8.org

The Mystery Mug has found a home. For over a year there was no new information on it, and Plank Owner Jerry Russell MM2 59 - 63 was the only person who expressed an interest in it. Ruth Judge decided he was deserving of it, and it was presented to him. Congratulations Jerry!