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Of the approximately one thousand active members of the USS Topeka CLG-8 Association there are only about one hundred and sixty members whose dues are current. Although dues are not mandatory to be a member of the association, they are our only source of funding for the day to day operation of the association.

Dues are used to cover expenses such as the preparation and mailing of letters, newsletters and directories, and the cost of maintaining the TOPEKA website on the internet. Your dues status is shown on the newsletter and the member's directory mailing label.

If you don't receive the newsletter or directory and want to check on your dues status, E-Mail Gary Baker at gbaker@usstopekaclg8.org or call him at 406-252-4546. Dues are $20 a year or five years for $80. Dues should be sent to: Gary Baker, 20 Heather Dr, Billings, MT 59105.