Waving Flag

Effective September 1, 2011, John Reynolds is resigning as Association Board Chairman and President; Dudley Cass is resigning as Secretary/Treasurer; Jack Connery is resigning his seat on the Board of Directors. Dan Moore will replace John as Board Chairman and President, and Gary Baker will replace Dudley as Secretary/Treasurer. John and Dudley will remain as members of the Board of Directors replacing Jack Connery and Jack Timmons, who recently passed away.

John has been our President and Board Chairman for nineteen years, and Dudley has been Secretary/Treasurer at least three times serving several years each time. We owe John and Dudley a huge debt of gratitude, they have been the driving force of this association for many years.

Thank You John and Dudley!

Also, Kathy Spatz is assuming Ruth Cass's role as Reunion Coordinator. Thanks for stepping up Kathy. And a big 'Thank You' to Ruth Cass for her many years of overseeing the reunions and ensuring their success.