Waving Flag

In 1991 Jack Connery, Topeka's newsletter editor at the time, took on the daunting task of writing, editing, and publishing a booklet called The Baka Hachi. It was a comprhensive look at Topeka from her commissioning in 1960 to her decommissioning in 1969. He solicited anecdotes and input from her former crew and amassed photographs from numerous sources. The end result was a fascinating journey through the nearly ten years of Topeka's active service as a guided missile cruiser.

Thank you, Jack, for all the time and effort you put in to this endeavor.

The Baca Hatchi is reproduced here as a PDF file that can be read on line, or downloaded and saved or printed. Several pages of the original booklet were blank except for the page nymber and these have been omitted. Please click on the link below to begin your journey down memory lane. It is a large file so it may take several seconds to load.

The Baka Hachi