Updates in the last three months
   03/06/2017 - Passing of Robert D. Wagner RD3 60-64 noted in the Taps and Shipmates pages.
   03/04/2017 - Passing of Thomas J. Victory SFCS 60-64 noted in the Taps and Shipmates pages.
   03/02/2017 - March2017 Newsletter uploaded to the Newsletter page of the website
   03/01/2017 - 2017 Buffalo Reunion 'Who's Coming' page updated.
   01/25/2017 - Richard Duree CS3 62-62 added to Shipmates pages.
   01/18/2017 - Tour information has been added to the 2017 Buffalo Reunion page.
   01/16/2017 - 2017 Buffalo Reunion 'Who's Coming' page updated.
   01/08/2017 - Passing of Jack V. Bock LTJG 62-65 noted in the Taps and Shipmates pages.
   12/30/2016 - Passing of James E. Pflieger LTJG 62-65 noted in the Taps and Shipmates pages.
   12/30/2016 - Passing of Gary T. Dungan SN 62-64 noted in the Taps and Shipmates pages.
   12/25/2016 - Passing of Henry C. Snyder BT3 60-62 noted in the Taps and Shipmates pages.
   12/24/2016 - Passing of Jack Walkins LTJG 62-64 noted in the Taps and Shipmates pages.
   12/21/2016 - Items added to the ship's store
   12/15/2016 - Passing of Tim Stickny IC2 59-62 noted in the Taps and Shipmates pages.
   12/10/2016 - Added USS Canberra deck log to the Deck Logs page of the History section



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