Kathy and Ray Spatz were our hosts for the Philadelphia reunion. They were    indefatigable in keeping things on track. Our heartfelt thanks for all their    hard work that was required to host a successful reunion.

   We had very comfortable weather with a few sprinkles. Skies were overcast    for the most part, which held the temperatures to the high 70's

   The Monday tour started with dinner at the historic City Tavern. We had our    choice of several entrees authentic to the colonial era. The wait staff were in    period dress and stayed in character the entire dinner. After dinner we    walked to Independence Hall and enjoyed Thomas Jefferson and Ben    Franklin debating the wording of the Declaration of Independence.

   On Tuesday we hopped on PHLASH bus which took us on a loop through    downtown Philadelphia and dropped us off at Seaport Museum beside the    Delaware river. There we had a guided tour of the USS Olympia, the cruiser    in which Commodore Dewey fought the Battle of Manila Bay, and the World    War II submarine USS Becuma

   The Museum of the American Revolution was our destination on Wednesday.    After the Museum we were on our own and many of us took the opportunity
   to visit some of the many other interesting locations in the Historic District.

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